Camping Rental


Kamp-A-Lott Lot Rental Agreement
Full hook up – $30 per night / $200 per week (Maximum 14 days)
$900 Per Month (includes electricity use)
Primitive – TBA once sites have been plotted to meet the Department of Health requirements
1. All rentals must pay in advance: ($50) deposit. All deposits are non-refundable if cancellation is not completed prior to 48 hours of reservation.
2. Deposit includes $20 for a gate card. This will be refunded to you when you leave. If the card is not returned, deposit will be forfeited and the card will be deactivated.
3. Only 2 rental units can be rented weekly/monthly.
4. Rentals can NOT have golf carts, atv’s, dirt bikes, mini bikes, go carts, riding lawn mowers, etc.
5. Rentals have access to campground facilities. (Recreation center, tennis and basketball courts, horse shoe pits, pool, all playgrounds and restrooms.)
6. To access the pool, your guests will need to purchase pool tags for a deposit of $2 each which will be refunded upon return to the office.
7. No firearms or fireworks of any kind permitted.
8. Rentals may have pets as long as they are leashed and not a nuisance to other campers. No vicious animals of any kind.
9. All rentals must follow Kamp-A-Lott rules and regulations. Quiet time and drinking on camp site only strictly enforced.
10. Damage to Kamp-A-Lott property can result in eviction and no refunds.
11. Failure to abide by these rules will result in eviction from Kamp-A-Lott with no refunds of any kind.

Lodge Rental

The Lodge is available to rent. Please contact the Social Committee Treasurer – Beth Moore at Lot 20 or call 937-935-9457 (Cell) for more information.

Shelter House

The Shelter house is available to use outside of events on a first come first served basis. Please contact Beth Moore at Lot 20 or call 937-935-9457 (Cell) to see if there is availably for your needs.