Camping is not the only thing to do at KampALott! We have a refurbished multi-purpose lodge, great swimming pool, playground, tennis courts, and much more. The lodge, shown below, plays host to events all year long. Check out the Activities page for more information. Everything is free of charge to members of the campground unless otherwise noted.

Updated Pool Rules From March 2021: Click Here

Kamp-A-Lott Private Campground In Bellefontaine Ohio
  • Lodge
  • Swimming Pool (lifeguard on duty at all open times)
  • Shelter
  • Volleyball Court
  • Several Playground Areas
  • Tennis Court
  • Shuffle Board Court
  • Basketball Court
  • Horse Shoe Pit
  • Volleyball
  • Tetherball

Restroom facilities (showers, sinks, toilets) are available throughout the camp. Primitive campgrounds with hot water, shower, and restrooms nearby are also available.

Kamp-A-Lott Private Campground In Bellefontaine Ohio

Kevin Lush Photography, a professional Dayton photographer, is the official photographer of KampALott and KampALott.com.


2 thoughts on “Facilities

  1. What a wonderful place! I don’t even know why I haven’t been here yet! This place is only a 20-minute drive from my horse farm. I’ll definitely visit =)


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